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The client requests: 1) an M4 with an audio system like no other and 2) protection from speed enforcement measures. To satisfy the first, we built a system using components of the best materials and signal processing/amplification of the highest quality. For the second, we integrated a radar-laser defense system that’s discreet and extremely effective at detecting threats and filtering false alerts.


For the audio system we went with the best gear from Focal, Helix, and Brax. See the list below.

  • BRAX High-End Audiophile DSP
  • 2x Helix C Four Class A/B Amplifiers
  • Helix C One Class A/B Amplifier
  • Focal Utopia 3-Way Component Speakers (Front Stage)
  • Focal Kevlar 2 Way Component Speakers (Rear Stage)
  • 2x Focal Utopia 10WM Subwoofers
  • Helix Conductor System Control Knob


We went with the Escort Redline Ci 360c for radar & laser protection. This system boasts very discreet laser shifters that blend into the front bumper grill. For the rear shifters, we 3D printed custom housings to affix them to the rear bumper. We custom molded the display onto the rearview mirror shroud and custom fit the keypad into the center console.

See Build Below

You can see the short reveal video below on our Instagram or browse the HD photos in the gallery.


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