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   Imagine: the snap of a snare, the thump of a bass drum, the electricity of a guitar solo, and the raw emotion of a singer’s best vocals. These elements of music, while moving on their own, work in harmony taking us to heights that leave us wishing it would last forever. The musical experience, at its best, is a holistic one. Many parts working together to give us a wholesome experience.

   We at Signature Audio believe that to get the best out of our music, the way we listen to it should take the same holistic approach. So how does this translate to car audio? Since people listen most of their music commuting then it makes sense that the car audio system should be given special attention. We design audio systems that dramatically improve the listening experience in any vehicle while at the same time respecting space and interior aesthetics. Our years of experience in the industry, advanced tooling capabilities, and our high quality product lines yield us the capacity for delivering amazing listening experiences in a wide range of vehicles.

    Continue below to learn more about what our processes and product line can do for you or visit our portfolio page to see our featured work!

Seamless Integration | Maximum Enhancement

Bass | Emphasizing the Lows


    When some people think about adding bass to a system, they might imagine a large box going in places it doesn’t fit and rattles so loud you’d think the car was falling apart. As silly as it may seem, this indeed is a common stereotype among car audio first-timers. We’re proud to be a part of the industry showing customers they can have loud bass without sacrificing enormous space, interior aesthetics, or introducing unbearable rattling.

    Again, we design audio systems focused on high-fidelity, high-output, and (where visible) complementing interior aesthetics. When it comes to bass, the components we choose work to ensure the execution of these principles. Featuring bass products from companies such as JL Audio, Focal, Helix and more we’re able to put together systems that guarantee high-output, high-quality bass.

Our Install Approach

     The bass component of any system requires the most amount of space simply due to the nature of how subwoofers work. In general, more space means more output. But with our team of talent, advanced tooling, and deep experience we’re able fit sub enclosures into near factory fit locations while still ensuring proper install parameters (no cut-corners).

The first step as part of the sub installation process is we examine the spaces available in the vehicle. We look for two things: a space large enough for a sub enclosure and a location that allows the best sound quality. Depending on space available, we decide on a fiberglass or a wood enclosure. Once we know where the box will go and the type that best fits the application, we get to work on the visible design.

Depending on the conversation with the client, we’ll design the box to complement the interior aesthetics or simply disappear into the vehicle. If the customer wants a design that’s highly customized and truly stands out, that’s something we’ll accommodate as well. The process between the two is quite different but nonetheless they both end up with a custom fit sub enclosure.

See below how we use spaces like side-compartments, foot-wells, spare-tire compartments, etc. to best fit bass into vehicles.

Speakers | Bringing Music to Life


    In most factory systems, the speakers consist of paper cones and basic foam surrounds. The performance of these materials are the absolute beginning point compared to the materials utilized from our speaker brands such as: Focal & BLAM. The speakers are responsible for the majority of sound reproduction, so upgrading from the factory set will deliver extreme value in terms of improving the overall tonal quality.

Our Install Approach

    When it comes to the installation process, it’s quite straight forward. We replace the factory speakers with the upgraded speakers purchased for the project. What makes our install process special is our ability to tool OEM fit speaker adapters. This reduces almost any need for cutting into the vehicle and allows for reversions back to factory if ever needed. See pictures below as examples of how we’d upgrade your vehicles speakers.

Amps & DSPs | Quality, Output, & Control


    Second only to signal source, signal amplification ultimately will determine output level and quality. Similar to the materials used in factory speakers, factory amplifiers pale in comparison to what aftermarket amplifiers can offer. Taking it a step further, new industry technology allows customers to take more control over how they listen to their music. Digital Signal Processors (DSPs for short) provide the capacity for individual, speaker-level control of any audio system. This gives us the ability to fine-tune audio systems to fit the listening preferences of the car owner. In addition to tonal preferences we also tune-in features like time-delay to create a listening environment that feels as though the band/singer is performing directly on the dash, yielding a concert-like experience. We’re proud to offer amps/DSPs from JL Audio, Helix, and Mosconi.

    If you’re in the area, we’d be more than happy to provide a demo and show you just how amazing this listening experience can be. We’re confident you’ll be blown away at what we can do to a car audio system, contact us and we’ll setup an appointment!

Our Install Approach

    Being that these components are not chosen based on their aesthetic qualities, we make them practically disappear into the vehicle and let their power speak to their presence. We build custom metal brackets to ensure proper fitment into places the customer will never see. On the other hand, if there’s an interest in showing off some of the hardware we’re glad to design fitment and aesthetics to do so with taste. See examples below.

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