Principles of Our Success

Seamless Integration | Care & Excellence

Signature Audio is your resource to the latest in mobile audio and video for your luxury automobiles and recreational vehicles. Offering the highest quality components and superior installation so thorough it will be difficult to tell where the factory left off and our seamless integration begins.


– Seamless Integration –

    Aesthetics and space are two of the top attributes depending on vehicle type: daily drivers, exotics, classics, and so on. That’s why we believe the upgrades we offer shouldn’t distract or take away from the vehicle itself. Our installation strategies, product application, and advanced tooling all work together to ensure the deepest level of integration possible with our customer’s vehicles.

Advanced Tooling

    When it comes to separating the wheat from chaff, or rather our shop from others, tooling is by far one of our most competitive advantages. Advanced tooling unlocks higher precision, better accuracy, and more consistency overall.

    • CNC Router
    • CNC Plasma
    • Co2 Laser
    • 3D Printing
    • 3D Scanning

– Care & Excellence –

    Our focus on care & excellency is the foundation of our customer experience. We aim to build trusting and lasting relationships with our clients and one of the ways we do so is by treating their vehicles as if they were our own. From pickup to delivery we make sure our clients cars are worked on with careful, special-attention to ensure the car’s condition stays the same throughout. Our level of excellence comes from our decades of experience and nationally recognized installation talent.

We’re proud to say that many of our clients tells us that our reputation puts us as the best mobile audio installation company in the greater Phoenix, AZ area. We didn’t just fall into this reputation either. We earned every bit of it by hard work for each and every one of our clients.

We pride ourselves on being the best and want to make sure that everything we do is the best. It’s just that simple. We know that if our work is done to standards that live above high expectations, then we are able to produce the finest quality mobile entertainment available.

So many other “shops” out there don’t like or care to work in the realm of quality and craftsmanship which we do. If you’ve been looking around at the competition and have never found the “place” that fits your needs, then you need look no further. Just ask any of our satisfied clients and they will tell you that Signature Audio is the best and it’s time to stop messing around with the riffraff out there.

The experience and expertise that we offer in every installation is truly our signature! Signature Audio takes pride in offering our customers the best products in the industry, as well as the talent to design a personalized system that maximizes the technology of the products we sell. Our facility mirrors the work we do for you. Cleanliness and attention to detail can be seen everywhere in our shop. We know that if we can impress you with the place we work at, then you will ultimately know that our pride in the workplace will transfer into our pride in your car.

Please free to come by and take a look at our facility in North Scottsdale in the Airpark. We know once you come in and meet us that you will be confident in your choice to use Signature Audio for all of your mobile audio needs.

The vision and talent take you to a different level.

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