Porsche K40 RL360


Front & Rear Radar w/ Front Laser protection



360 degree directional awareness to police radar with K40 radar detectorsDirectional Awareness —Front and rear super wideband radar receivers provide maximum directional sensitivity and frequency selectivity so you always know the exact location of police radar threats. Two discreet LEDs indicate front (left light) or rear (right light) police radar threats along with an audio alert that states “front” or “rear” and the specific band of police radar targeting your vehicle.

Advanced filtering technologies built into K40 radar detectorsK-Band Filter — By utilizing Acculert Signal Processing filtering technology, the RL360di automatically rejects false alerts from radar-based safety features from other vehicles (including your own) so you can focus on and react to real police radar threats.

GPS technologies built into K40 radar detectorsGPS Features — The RL360di offers you fully customizable, critical location positioning GPS technology features such as:

Mark to Mute – Mute audible warnings of false, non-police radar locations you regularly travel past with a simple button push.
Quiet Ride – Mute alerts under a pre-selected speed. Eliminates alerts when you plan to drive near, at or below the posted speed limit.
Mark to Alert – Mark dangerous intersections, speed traps, school zones, and red light cameras.
Speed Monitor – Track your speed without taking your eyes off the road.