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Ferrari Overview


    For all the stardom and revere Ferrari has garnered for their brand, it may be hard for some to believe that an aftermarket store could be so comfortable with working on them. We’ve have had over a decade of experience with the Ferrari lineup; from the Grand Touring models, mid-engine V8’s, and even their V12s.

    This experience has helped us develop a repeatable and reliable design-install process that our clients consistently find value in. Continue below to see how we can deliver the same value to your vehicle.

Audio Upgrades | Our Approach


    The Grand Touring models and V12’s have trunks so we can integrate sub enclosures with ease. However, the mid-engine V8’s are very limited on space so we’ve developed a process to form-fit sub enclosures into the cubby behind the seats. With the space situation solved, we can get creative with how to complement the interior aesthetics. With materials ranging from vinyl, leather, alcantara, and even carbon fiber the possibilities are waiting to be discovered. See some of our finished projects below.

    Our clients were absolutely blown-away by the look of the end product. Most of them would ask: “How’d we do it?” While we can’t give away every secret, take a look at some of the behind-the-scene shots. You can see the initial fiber-glassing processes before the finish work.


     In general, upgrading speakers is a straight forward process. However, Ferrari tends to seat their speakers in rings with highly particular shapes and dimensions to them. What sets us apart from standard car audio shops is our ability to design OEM-fit speaker adapters per vehicle. This allows flexibility in speaker choice and the ability to return back to factory if ever needed. Take a look below at the factory speaker’s overall shape and how we built an adapter to seat the upgraded speaker perfectly in the factory location.

Quality, Output, & Fine Tuning

     To improve sound quality, increase output, and add fine tuning capabilities it’s necessary to integrate aftermarket amplifiers and DSP technology into the audio system. With regard to install locations, the story is similar with the bass integration. The Grand Touring and V12 models offer plenty of space, and with the mid-engine V8’s we’ve had to get creative with absence of it. Below you can see how we’ve installed the DSP amplifiers in the trunk on custom bracketing and added a custom floor board. Again, with access to numerous materials we can customize this portion to your liking.

Radar & Laser Defense | Our Approach


    The installation process is relatively straightforward with some variation between the models and depending on the defense system package. The receiver/transmitter components are stealth installed along the front bumper (and rear if option is chosen). As for the user-control interfaces, the components are custom installed into the most ergonomic location available. See below images to get an idea! 

Ferrari Install Gallery


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