Additional Services

Safety & Operation Enhancements

    While we’re proud specialists in mobile entertainment and radar/laser defense, we also understand the demand for other products and services in the automotive aftermarket. That’s why we offer products that enhance the operation and safety of your vehicle. See our additional services below to learn more!

Smartphone Integration | Android Auto & Apple CarPlay

    With dedicated driver assistance applications pre-installed on our newest smartphones and newest vehicles, seeing how they operate together certainly enhances the driving experience. However, while most of us have the newest smartphones we may not all have the newest vehicles to make use of this integration.

    Signature Audio offers smartphone integration solutions to allow your vehicle the following benefits:

    • Automatic driving directions with Google or Apple Maps
    • Stream your favorite music with Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music etc.
    • Hands-free smartphone notifications pushed directly to your vehicle display (eyes on the road, eyes off the phone)
    • Much much more!

DashCam Security

   If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of an accident and didn’t have a dashcam, we’re certain the idea of wishing you had one passed your mind. We understand this, so we provide product and installation to give you more peace-of-mind while driving.

    We’re proud dealers of BlackVue dashcams. Their cameras provide wide-angle footage in 4K resolution and allow instant access to video recordings via smartphone. They’re also great for:

    • Driving and Parking Accidents
    • Capturing the Unexpected
    • Verifying Driving Habits
    • Avoiding Insurance Fraud
    • Protecting Teen and Professional Drivers

Driver Assistance Technology

   Looking to add visibility to your vehicle’s blind spots? We offer product and installation for the following features:

    • Front Camera
    • Rear (Backup) Camera
    • Blind Spot Detection System

Want to Enhance your Vehicle?

Reach out and see how Signature Audio can help you.