Radar Detectors

"My stealth install radar saved my a$$. When the cop came to my window and didn't see a detector on my dash he could make sense of it."
- Rocko P., Paradise Valley

A radar detector, sometimes called a fuzz buster, is a passive electronic device used by motorists to determine if their speed is being monitored by law enforcement agencies via a radar unit, thereby potentially avoiding prosecution for speeding. Only doppler radar-based devices can be detected - other speed measuring devices including those using ANPR, piezo sensors and VASCAR technology cannot be detected, while LIDAR devices require a different type of sensor. Most of today's radar detectors detect signals across a variety of wavelength bands - usually X, K and Ka.

Over the last decade, there have been great improvements in radar detection technology. Some of today's radar detectors will simply amaze you with some of the functions they provide. We offer units that are GPS based and will allow you the convenience of auto muting when the system determines that your speed is below that of the posted limit. In addition you can also enjoy silence from your unit when driving through parking lots that have stores that generally set off common detectors. Please contact us to see what's right for you.

Custom Installed Radar Detectors

Custom installed radar detectors are your best option for protection...period. We offer the best technology for built in radar detection there is. Have the comfort of knowing that you are protected from not only radar, but laser detection as well. Please contact us to learn more about how you can get a custom installed radar detector.

Windshield Mounted Radar Detectors

The most common type of radar detector is the windshield mounted version. We offer the best possible units to help protect you. Please contact us to learn more about our options for mounted radar detection solutions.

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